Benefits of truenumbers

When data is composed individual self-describing values called truenumbers, problems vanish and opportunities appear.  



Your systems of record may be secure, but once data comes out to play in spreadsheets, applications or documents, it is vulnerable. 

Using hash technology like blockchains do, truenumbers simply can't be tampered with or spoofed and can be locally validated as being exactly what they say they are, no matter where they travel. 


The picture on the right shows a number 341 in a spreadsheet, labeled as the wattage of a certain light bulb, but how do we know it is?  Was it entered from scratch?  Copied from a spec sheet?  Was it copied correctly?  In the right units?  Every truenumber carries its own meaning and provenance so you always know what it is.  Consistency goes up and data errors go down.

Simply put, data items you can click on to determine their validity and meaning are obviously a sign of data quality that accrues to the enterprise.




For system development, building an initial truenumber vocabulary for the data is simple and domain focused.  Unlike object or ontology modeling science projects, it's a down-to-earth activity even non-technical end users can accomplish, and vocabularies can always be extended even during system operation avoiding disruptive revision cycles.

On the desktop, truenumber users on the web or in MS-Office organically build a growing, secure repository of the terms and data they need, with full traceability making user-created solutions simpler and with better data governance than complex and costly enterprise silos and dashboards.   

With Truenumbers, you accomplish more and leave behind more reuseable assets while IT cost and governance risks decrease.



Data governance means managing the availability, usability, integrity and security of data used in an enterprise. Truenumbers makes it easy because these are intrinsic properties of every truenumber.  It makes them easy to audit as well, because exactly what data was used is self-evident when it's a truenumber. 

The bottom line is that a high degree of governance is achieved just by using truenumbers in your processes, and that explicit governance processes become far easier to implement with less overhead and better compliance.