Truenumbers is the first general-purpose technology to allow manufacturing teams to build and manage their own data in a consistent, secure and traceable way. It effortlessly centralizes information and makes everything about data easier for all aspects of manufacturing from day one. When the numbers are well managed, manufacturing is well managed.

When you are keeping a fleet of sophisticated military airplanes flying ... a simple calculation that goes unchecked can have catastrophic results. With truenumbers, we will be able to manage and share critical data, including design parameters and materials properties, ensuring that anyone on the team can easily get the most up-to-date information.
— Ricardo Garcia, Naval Air Systems Command
  • An ad-hoc data warehouse for all your numbers

  • Slashes verification and validation overhead

  • Captures process and telemetry histories at any scale

  • Makes Excel and other MS-Office documents traceable

  • Supports continuous improvement w/o big I.T. projects

  • Archiving and re-use of critical information

Manufacturing is about numberflow

From requirements definition on down, manufacturing is a complex set of processes with numbers and other data flowing among them. Spread across documents, spreadsheets, tools, and data files, PLM and PDM systems try and manage these artifacts when it’s really the numbers in them that need to be managed.

Truenumbers is the first system designed to do that, directly supporting manufacturing personnel without rigid applications, or the cost and overhead of building custom tools. It makessense to be able to verify a particular numbers as the latest approved requirement anywhere you encounter it, rather than having to compare it against a (hopefully) versioned requirements document. Simply put, it’s nice to manage documents, but if your numbers are managed, manufacturing is managed.

A game-changer for technical data

Having numbers know what they mean, their units, where they came from and more, in Excel, Word, calculations and in C#, Java or Javascript, makes everything easier. Your teams will naturally evolve useful collections of truenumbers, new processes, and easier ways of doing things without database design or software development.

The age-old questions "what's that number? Are you sure it's right? Where can I find it?" become a lot easier to answer.  Quality, data reuse and traceability go through the roof, while risks and re-work decrease.   Contact us about a demonstration or pilot project.