In this use-case we will use truenumbers as parameters in Excel instead of ordinary numbers, and show how this creates new data assets for users that increase productivity and quality.

Here is a standard amortization Excel template from Microsoft's library.  As you can see, the blanks on the left have been filled in with numbers for an eight year, $25,000 loan at 5% annual interest, resulting in the payment figures on the right.


We don't know anything about the numbers (character strings) entered.  We can only assume they make sense as inputs to the calculation as labeled.  

Using the TrueOffice add-in for MS-Office

The bank data came from a scratch sheet the borrower was keeping while deciding what loan to take, as shown at right.  By selecting this table and hitting the add-in's "Publish From Selection" button, the numbers are turned into truenumbers with one click.  Copy / paste the truenumbers into the amortization spreadsheet - hovering reveals the metadata encrypted within each truenumber erasing any doubt about the origin or validity of parameters used.