Truenumbers® lets people create and work with information on their own, on the ground, and capture it in the cloud for communication, collaboration and analysis. Information consists of individual facts in a simple, structured natural language that people understand, and also highly structured for machines to work with.

There are no schemas to limit data to a particular domain because facts can be about anything - cars, metals, physics, biology, economics - so new facts and domains can grow naturally on a continuous basis, by the petabyte.

System developers benefit as well, because Truenumbers provides a flexible, secure implementation of data end to end, from database to edge.

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truenumbers in sentence form about a variety of subjects

truenumbers in sentence form about a variety of subjects

Truenumbers has already helped Government and Fortune 500 firms develop military sensor-based systems, track aircraft materials data, and make critical spreadsheets trustworthy.  It's time you looked into Truenumbers.