Digital transformation doesn’t happen by moving the same data into a new architecture. Changing the way we think about data itself is what changes everything.

Truenumbers® are a different kind of data - a collection of individual facts, a few, or a few trillion, written with a simple, structured subset of natural language that is intelligible by people, and structured for discovery, AI and Machine Learning. With many times more knowledge captured than relational, object or standard graph data.

With no schemas to limit what data can be about, a truenumber can describe anything - cars, metals, physics, biology, economics - so new knowledge from any domain can be added on a continuous basis. 

Because each fact is self-contained, it can live in any kind of database, and move outside the database through your desktop or back-office systems, code, spreadsheets and documents with full traceability and authority.

While others plan their fabric warehouse on a lake, you can begin true digital transformation now with Truenumbers.

  • easily ingest any kind of data to unprecedented levels of knowledge capture

  • no restrictive schemas, models or ontologies to develop and maintain

  • develop new systems and processes yourself without systems programming

  • proceed incrementally, realizing value from day one w/o risk of huge projects

  • make spreadsheet applications secure and traceable w/o disruptive and costly replacement

Truenumbers has already helped Government and Fortune 500 firms develop military sensor-based systems, track aircraft materials data, and make critical spreadsheets trustworthy.  It's time you looked into Truenumbers.