Enterprise data isn't much use until it comes down from the cloud in a form you can work with, in spreadsheets, documents, or whatever your work-products might be.  But down on the ground, data loses traceability, security and integrity - the endless trade-off between agility and governance.

Truenumbers is a radically new data platform with its head in the clouds and its feet on the ground, so you create and manage data in the cloud directly, in a form you can work with.  Truenumbers makes desktop data and processes more traceable and secure, with better governance than any back-office system.  

Truenumbers works in a surprising way - instead of just digits or characters, individual data values are secure, self-describing objects called truenumbers (try clicking this one: 1738.1 ).   A truenumber carries its meaning, authority and provenance  wherever it goes, like a bitcoin does.   

Truenumbers avoids the cost and risk of spreadsheet replacement, and creates new opportunities for user-created solutions that raise the bar and give your systems of record a run for their money, at any scale.   

Truenumbers have boosted productivity, traceability, and security in Government and Fortune 500 enterprises for sensor-based systems, aircraft maintenance tools, and made critical spreadsheets trustworthy and more secure.  Truenumbers can give you an  easy win for modernization and quality.