You're a skilled professional, gathering and working with information.  Spreadsheets let you do that your own way, in your own words.  But if you need the scale and integrity of a database, you become just a user, to people who can't do what you do.  They design databases and canned apps that take time and money to build. These do some useful things, but you do a lot more than that, so you end up exporting to Excel again to do what you need.

Truenumbers keeps data in your hands, and you in control.  It lets lets you capture, share and innovate with data, at any scale, in your own words.  It has already boosted productivity, traceability, and security in Government and Fortune 500 enterprises for sensor-based systems, aircraft maintenance tools, and made critical spreadsheets trustworthy and powerful. 

For professionals working with data

Truenumbers is easy to set up and learn so you can start truing your desktop data right away.  It will be more secure and better managed than any enterprise data.   Finding a number or document you need is easy, right from the TrueOffice add-in without complex document management or SQL queries. 

New processes and applications will emerge as you build an enterprise data asset organically, on your own.  Data quality, traceability and innovation grow without missing a beat. 


"Any IT executive whose company uses spreadsheets prolifically should be looking at Truenumbers -- any industry — including education, financial services, government, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, retail, and so on — can benefit from it.
      -Marc Halpern (Gartner, "Cool Vendors 2014")


For developers

Truenumbers is a set of services for creating, presenting and working with data as tagged, self-describing facts. It needs no schemas or data models, making systems easier to build, and more adaptive to changing requirements and data. Truenumbers can map onto any database technology from desktop to big-data clusters in the cloud.

Truenumbers accelerates development of better and more capable systems at any scale.