Energy, Wearables, Transportation, Marketing - pick your Disruptive IoT Application. Regardless of your context, you need to talk to your devices to bring your Internet of Things vision to life, quickly and effectively. Truenumbers will help you get there. 

Let your devices talk back


You know what information you want your sensors to report. You know when and how you want it reported. Why should you translate it into the machine's language?

The truenumbers IoT kit allows you to specify the data values and measurements using human-readable device names like 'refrigerator' and property names like 'temperature', not the abstracted sensor values. Use sticky, convertible units to both identify and validate the truenumbers you create from your readings. Create alerts and data feeds using representative keywords like 'above' and 'below'.

Express yourself efficiently and at scale

Using Microsoft Excel or Word, you can create an IoT application using off-the-shelf sensors and logic boards in minutes. The truenumbers-as-program will work at scale without requiring recoding. Your prototype can move smoothly to a distributed workflow system. 

Truenumbers retain semantic knowledge about concepts such as temperature and humidity, and can be used to create reports or applications without losing their original context. Using Truenumbers server components for data reporting, or the tools in Office, you can create any alerting or reporting system you can imagine.  You can integrate on top of any standard management protocols or tools.