Truenumbers is a secure, durable system for the origination, exchange, capture and analysis of information directly by military operations personnel, and by the information systems serving them.

Employing a structured natural language, Truenumbers can express facts about anything, such as sensor reports, tasking orders or weather conditions, eliminating the need for fusion, and enabling capture of any new kind of information arising during the conduct of military operations.

Truenumbers is uniquely capable of information and process integration across warfighting operations at the edge.  By integrating real-time communication, sensor data, analytics, C2 and sources like DSGS, GCCS, MIDB, and other knowledge bases in intelligible and universal form, Truenumbers becomes a layer in which actionable data is staged and ready for client applications or even directly by the warfighter, and reflecting changes in the operational picture dynamically.


Military-grade technology

Truenumbers is simple and robust software technology that provides an intelligible, uniform data implementation end to end, from sensors and system code, to operations center and out to the tactical edge.

It can keep information in any appropriate storage capability from Postgres to Accumulo or MongoDB, and deploy in hardware from microcontrollers and handhelds, to massive cloud clusters. Classification and need-to-know access enforcement are built in at the data item level.  

Ready for AI and machine learning

Truenumbers’ self-describing fact representation puts far more information in the computer than object or relational data can. This is ideal for artificial intelligence and machine learning because it is already structured as curated, taxonomically labeled data.