Decentralizing data presents different challenges than crypto-currencies, and doesn't need blockchain technology.  But just as blockchain requires that we think differently about transactions, Truenumbers requires a new concept of data.   

A truenumber is a single, immutable data value that carries a description of itself encrypted inside.  You can't be more decentralized than that!  No central authority is needed to understand it, or to prove its validity.  Truenumber descriptions are composable, so that having lots of truenumbers builds up a picture of a domain without any a-priori schema.  The more you have, the more you know.

Data in this form is disruptive to existing information technologies.  A spreadsheet containing truenumbers has more traceability and authority than an enterprise database application.  Large databases with emergent domain knowledge, not fixed, single-domain object models or ontologies.

So, while not using blockchain technology itself, Truenumbers can be thought of as a blockchain for data because it delivers parallel benefits to information, giving it decentralized meaning, validity and authority.