What’s MMPDS?

Metallic Materials Properties Development and Standardization Handbook is published by Battelle Memorial Institute to serve the US aerospace industry. Maintained by the FAA, DoD, NASA and industry experts, it is the best source for design allowable data.

Why MMPDS in Truenumbers?

truenumbers in excel are tamperproof and traceable

truenumbers in excel are tamperproof and traceable

Any verified source can provide you an MMPDS number, but once you have it, or any critical value, in hand, how can you be sure it stays intact and verified as it’s used downstream?   A truenumbers maintains its own description and authority outside the database, in Excel, Word, or in program code. This reduces errors, increases re-use, and traceability across the engineering process.  Aware of units and tolerance at the semantic level, the system is ideal for engineering. 

About Truenumbers

Truenumbers is a general-purpose knowledge and data management system.  Originally built for the US Navy to manage aircraft structures analyses, projects now range from military systems to biotech, engineering and finance. 

Truenumbers allows teams to manage engineering data at any scale – and not just materials data (every number and document in the largest enterprise is no problem). No system programming or I.T. projects are needed to incorporate new kinds of information, it’s all under users control.

33rd MMPDS Coordination Meeting

Come see our presentation March 27th at 6:30 PM @ Embassy Suites, Baton Rouge, LA