Big data in the cloud is changing everything.  But down on the ground where planning, decisions and innovation happen, data is in Excel, documents and canned applications.  Isolated and unmanaged.  Truenumbers is a new way to implement data that spans cloud and ground, with a cross-domain architecture for I.T. and users alike. 

A truenumber is a single self-describing data item that you use on on the ground - but is also a little piece of the cloud.  Truenumbers are secure on their own (kind of like bitcoins are) but every one also contributes to a growing, governed and analytics-friendly knowledge base that you can work with directly from MS-Office - and with API's that I.T. can work with, at any scale. 

Truenumbers have already boosted productivity, traceability, and security in Government and Fortune 500 enterprises for sensor-based systems, aircraft maintenance tools, and made critical spreadsheets trustworthy and more powerful.