Data lives in data centers, stored in a foreign language like SQL or UML. Yes, it’s consistent and secure but we can’t see it, and wouldn’t understand it if we could. We are granted access through applications, but as soon as we put some to work in our spreadsheets, documents or tools, it becomes our problem. We have to keep track of what it means, manage it, and maintain traceability ourselves.

How did we come to accept that data can only be handled directly by engineers? That it’s OK to make it unintelligible? That we need a silo for every kind of data, so integration becomes a science project? The cost, risk and overhead of all this is astronomical. It doesn’t have be that way. Like documents or spreadsheets, data is part of the content we work with, and should be ours.

Re-engineering data as content

Truenumbers® is a radical new approach where data is intelligible, consistent, secure and authoritative in our world, and under our control. It treats data as a collection of individual facts expressed in a patented structured natural language that users can read, write and work with directly. These facts can be about anything. No more silos. Simple, queries can span all of your data, and drive AI and machine learning particularly well. Truenumber facts are individually secure, even in Word, Excel, and program code, making readability, integrity and provenance pervasive in the enterprise by definition.

Practical and scalable

Truenumbers is easy to deploy, and its data can live in any storage technology favored by I.T. including relational, big tables like Accumulo, or JSON DB’s like Postgres or MongoDB. Truenumbers rebalances the use of enterprise resources, empowering users with data, while letting I.T. focus on the T, keeping enterprise infrastructure ahead of the curve in cloud, security, mobility, system architecture and administration.

Truenumbers has already boosted productivity, traceability, and security in Government and Fortune 500 enterprises for sensor-based systems, aircraft maintenance tools, and has made critical spreadsheets trustworthy and more secure.  Start small, and grow as you realize that Truenumbers is the best route to real digital transformation.