Truenumbers is a radically new way to think about data - as individual, self-describing facts.  Decentralized, and secured on the blockchain, these atoms of information, called truenumbers, work anywhere - a single truenumber in a spreadsheet cell, or stored by the trillions in the cloud.  Truenumbers provides unprecedented traceability and assurance at the data-item level inside and outside the database. 

Instead of struggling with complex schemas or object models describing an entire domain, truenumbers uses simple natural language vocabularies to describe individual values.  That means users, not just system developers, can create and work with data directly. 

Truenumbers works in MS-Office, or inside large complex systems, with far more agility than traditional data.  Truenumbers has already helped Government and Fortune 500 firms develop military sensor-based systems, track aircraft maintenance data, and make critical spreadsheets trustworthy.

For desktop solutions 


A truenumber in Excel is a cloud-backed, secure fact that can't be tampered with or misunderstood.  Spreadsheet data goes from the least, to the most trusted data in your enterprise.  Easy to deploy and learn, you can begin improving productivity and reducing spreadsheet risks immediately. 

"Any IT executive whose company uses spreadsheets prolifically should be looking at Truenumbers -- any industry — including education, financial services, government, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, retail, and so on — can benefit from it.
      -Marc Halpern (Gartner, "Cool Vendors 2014")


For system development

Truenumbers is a set of services for creating, and working with data as tagged, self-describing facts. It needs no schemas or data models, making systems easier to build, and more adaptive to changing requirements and data. Truenumbers can map onto any database technology from desktop to big-data clusters in the cloud, and accelerate development of better and more capable systems at any scale.