From the user’s point of view, we don’t get to have data at all. It lives in the data center, translated into a foreign language like SQL or UML, where its meaning is lost in translation. It’s consistent and secure but we can’t see it, and wouldn’t understand it if we could We access it through applications, and when we put it in spreadhseets, documents or tools, whatever integrity it had in the data center is again lost in translation. Keeping track of what it means, securing and managing that data becomes our problem.

Unbelievable. Unneccessary.

How did we come to accept that data can only be managed remotely by engineers? That it’s OK not to capture meaning? That we need a silo for every kind of data, making common queries into science projects? None of these things are neccessary. Data - any kind of data, from any domain - can be written in one language. Our language. It can be intelligible, meaningful, consistent, secure and valid in our world. Data is content, and content belongs to the users.

I.T. has plenty to do providing and maintaining infrastructure, security, system architecture and administration. It shouldn’t have to be involved in content. Truenumber data can live in any kind of storage technology favored by I.T. including relational, big tables like Accumulo, or JSON DB’s like Postgres or MongoDB. But I.T. no longer has to worry about modeling your data, master data management, and all the other content-related things that you want to be doing in the first place.

Real digital transformation

Digital transformation doesn’t happen by moving the same data into a new architecture. Real transformation comes from changing the way we think about data. Truenumber data is a collection of individual facts expressed in a unique, patented structured natural language that people can read and write, yet can support simple, powerful queries, AI and machine learning, far better than any other data representation can, and Truenumber facts can be used directly in Word, Excel, web pages, and program code, retaining readability, security and validity wherever they go.

Truenumbers has already boosted productivity, traceability, and security in Government and Fortune 500 enterprises for sensor-based systems, aircraft maintenance tools, and has made critical spreadsheets trustworthy and more secure.  Start small, and grow as you realize that Truenumbers is a game-changer.