Big data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning are national security innovation imperatives.  Militaries across the world are making investments to update IT systems and develop these tools for the future of digital warfare.


At the heart of these innovations is data. Military operations depend on high value data sets developed or “curated” from sources that are limited, not readily available and/or built from multiple correlated sources that are continuously changing.  Tools that expedite the curation of high value data – from aggregation, tagging, labeling, and classification to data storage and dissemination – are killer apps for those working the front lines of data management.  Truenumbers is ideal for:

  • Human Intelligence Analysts tracking facts and generating new insights from multiple, frequently changing, and non-standard data sources throughout a mission

  • Logistics Readiness Managers with oversight of volumes of critical fleet maintenance data looking to predict potential failures in parts due to stress or strain

  • Chief Data Officers building an enterprise data warehouse so your team can take advantage of the latest advances in big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning

Truenumbers lets you manage data in a robust, agile environment in big systems or right from your desktop without the need for IT science projects.

Truenumbers Solution

At the end user level, the Truenumbers platform integrates with Microsoft Office, taking advantage of common interfaces such as Excel. At the enterprise level, Truenumbers layers on top of existing technology stacks, providing a common data language across systems and domains.  Both human and machine readable, truenumber data is supported by scalable storage and system services that just work. No science projects, no ontologies and endless modeling exercises.

Defense-oriented capabilities of truenumbers include built-in classification and need-to-know access controls and rules enforcement at the data item level.  It supports open and Windows environments, and the ability to run on a range of devices from tiny Raspberry PI and Arduino controllers to big-data clusters.  

Truenumbers is a next generation data platform -- automating routine tasks and providing advanced knowledge capture capabilities that enable big data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning.