Better ideas alone can't give us information superiority.  We have to turn ideas into working systems and bring them to the fight.  Too often, system development is a science project, producing complex fragile systems that can take so long to build they're obsolete before they deploy, and sometimes never do.


Bred in the Navy’s SBIR program, Truenumbers is a framework for building next-generation defense systems that is refreshingly common-sense, rugged and to the point.  It can deliver systems quickly, that adapt to changing data requirements dynamically.

Truenumbers can also harden spreadsheet-based processes, enhancing their capability so that replacing them becomes unnecessary. 

Truenumbers layers on top of proven technology stacks, providing a common data language across systems and domains, well-suited to fusion applications.  Both human and machine readable, truenumber data is supported by scalable storage and system services that just work. No science projects, no ontologies or endless abstract modeling exercises.

Defense-oriented capabilities of Truenumbers include built-in classification and need-to-know enforcement at the data item level.  It supports open and Windows environments, and the ability to run on a range of devices from tiny Raspberry PI and Arduino controllers to big-data clusters.  

Truenumbers is a workhorse for military systems that can stay on mission, stand the test of time, and reliably turn ideas into the systems we need for information dominance.