DEVOPS isn’t enough


“The US must have the ability to quickly respond to adversary advancements - rapid & continuous SW development will be essential to achieving this outcome.” - Defense Science Board

The DoD’s commitment to agile development and deployment (DEVOPS) has already shown that it can quickly create point solutions as needs and threats arise. But a barrage of incremental improvements can’t achieve the digital transformation of military processes required to meet the challenges of the 21st century.


“To conduct Multi-Domain Battle, all domains and warfighting functions must be integrated to deliver a holistic solution . Federated solutions will not work. We need a comprehensive, integrated approach inherent in our forces. The operational framework of the future is critical.“
- General David Perkins (TRADOC)


Just give them the facts

Why is development in the loop of military operations in the first place? It’s because the many different data sources, formats and databases required are system level technologies, so point applications are needed to deliver intelligible information to warfighters. This tightly couples DEVOPS agility to warfighting agility.

In business, this paradigm was disrupted by the spreadsheet. Giving users the ability to own and work with data directly took the COBOL application programmers out of the loop. Business agility and productivity skyrocketed.

Giving military operations direct control of information, in a universal form they can understand and work with (not spreadsheets), would be equally transformational. Situational awareness, communication and collaboration would involve command, intelligence and operations working directly with information, so far fewer point applications and updates would be needed.

Truenumbers can do it

Spreadsheets aren’t the military framework of the future, of course, but Truenumbers can be.