Use Case: NAVAIR

DeskEngCover Naval Air Systems Command at Patuxent River MD, maintains and repairs aircraft like the F-18 and F-35 to keep them flying safely. As a work-order takes engineers from one analysis tool to the next, keeping track of materials properties, loads, fastener data is pretty much a manual process. NAVAIR wanted a way to capture that information with traceability to allow analysis histories to be searched and reused – but without impairing speed and agility of the engineering process.

Truenumbers was awarded SBIR Phase I and II contract N68335 to innovate a structural analysis management system to meet that requirement. Part of our Phase II solution was written up by Desktop Engineering Magazine in an issue devoted to data management. Click on the cover at left to read the article. The project has since transitioned to procurement of an Integrated Structural Analysis Management System (iSAMS) with Truenumbers as a key component.

“When you are keeping a fleet of sophisticated military airplanes flying to support US combat troops, confusion over a simple calculation that goes unchecked can have catastrophic results. With truenumbers, we will be able to manage and share critical data, including design parameters and materials properties, ensuring that anyone on the team can easily get the most up-to-date information available at any time, from anywhere.” – Ricardo Garcia, Naval Air Systems Command