Truenumber Calculator

Physical measurement is built into Truenumbers. Where most data platforms have base types like strings, fixed and floating point numbers, the numeric-valued truenumbers are a superset of the NIST concept of a physical measurement. The Truenumber system has an internal calculation engine which is aware of units of measure, and of physical quantities as well. For example, though ENERGY and TORQUE have the same SI units, Truenumbers will not allow the truenumbers shaft has torque = 34 ft lbf and bullet has energy = 34 ft lbf to be added together even though they have the same units of measure.

Standard error is also built into the calculator based on a simple semantics for accumulation error. While not a substitute for careful error propagation analysis, it is a useful tool for keeping the realities of measurement visible.

The calculation engine can be accessed by defining a new truenumber as an expression involving other truenumbers. Or it can be used directly from any Truenumbers client application or via Truenumbers API’s. Some interesting examples of its capabilities are in the PDF below. You can download it with the tools at top right of the frame.