From assets to audits, knowing the origins and assumptions of financial data across the company can be a challenge. Especially in the C-suite or strategic corporate finance departments where information and processes are always too new and dynamic to be locked down in enterprise apps. That’s where we find a lot of spreadsheets – agile, but traceability is low, and you have to do a lot of looking for things, manual verification, and preparing spreadsheets for audit can be a bear.

Your team is used to labeling rows and columns, naming sections and tabs, to show what spreadsheet data means. Truenumbers lets you describe data in a similar way, resulting in an archival, traceable and auditable central data resource. With the TrueOffice® add-in for MS-Office you can create, annotate and access that data and drop it in spreadsheets or documents without losing traceability. In fact, TrueOffice will automatically document those numbers for you. Correctly. By using Truenumbers, your team will work more productively and collaboratively, while developing a significant corporate asset on the fly. Your spreadsheet data goes from risky and unmanaged, to being the best governed data in the enterprise.

One global Fortune 500 company found that Truenumbers significantly increased productivity and auditability on a major M&A transaction and subsequent audit. The resulting centralized financial assumptions and approved numbers will help speed the next transaction.