About Us

Located in Boston, Massachusetts’ Innovation District, True Engineering Technology, LLC is the company behind Truenumbers®. The company was founded in 2008 by serial entrepreneur Allen Razdow. Since his physics days at MIT in the 1970’s, Allen has been involved in many companies ranging from NASA spinout Higher Order Software, to Mathsoft Inc. which he co-founded based on his invention of Mathcad, the most widely used technical calculation software. With deep expertise in knowledge capture and system development using Truenumbers, the company offers products and services to commercial and government enterprises.

Contact: 800.833.1421 info@truenum.com


  • The Truenumbers® data management framework based on a novel knowledge representation approach. It is designed to support system and analytic development at any scale, implementing its representation on a variety of existing database technologies including relational, Accumulo or MongoDB. The framework is available for licensing.
  • TrueOfficetm brings truenumber capabilities to MS-Office, allowing end-users to build highly traceable, centralized information for use in spreadsheets and documents.


  • Assessment of business processes or system requirements for potential to be improved using truenumber concepts and technology
  • Small and large scale system development based on Truenumbers, or consultation to such projects to provide Truenumber expertise.