What if every number could carry its own description around with it -- the way text carries its font and point-size?  This would change everything.  

A truenumber is an individually managed packet of information that looks like an ordinary number or fact in a spreadsheet cell, program code, web or connected device.  It contains secure "DNA" encoding its meaning, origin and context so it remains fully traceable, self-describing and secure.  And the same truenumber can be on a web page, in program code, or a measurement on the Internet of Things.  It can pick up annotations as it travels, but never lose its original meaning. 

Unlike many current innovations in data we read about, the Truenumbers system is easy to set up, low cost and scalable. It's in production today making spreadsheets in Fortune 500 companies more auditable; keeping track of materials and engineering data for aircraft fleet maintenance; and part of the DoD's future tactical systems in the cloud.

For business end-users

If your finance, engineering or marketing teams use spreadsheets with changing assumptions and versions to keep track of, Truenumbers' MS-Office add-in can make you more productive and do things you didn't think possible.  Spreadsheet solutions are thought of as risky, and hard to validate.  Truenumbers gives business users control of their data and makes spreadsheets more traceable and auditable than anything else.


"Any IT executive whose company uses spreadsheets prolifically should be looking at Truenumbers -- any industry — including education, financial services, government, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, retail, and so on — can benefit from it."

-Marc Halpern, Gartner

For application developers

If your department builds custom .NET desktop or web apps to glue together processes and data, Truenumbers will make them simpler, more powerful, and with no fixed schemas, more resilient to change.  

For developing large integrated systems, Truenumbers can be a key component that reduces development and maintenance costs compared with traditional databases, and lets you offer more power to your end-users.  

For the Internet of Things

Truenumbers are the perfect payload format for IoT messages in MQTT or any other IoT protocol. Unlike relational stores of low-level data, a Truenumber data store makes all sensor data compatible and amenable to cross-domain analytics.  This is because Truenumbers' is based on a universal self-describing model for measurement including intrinsic support for units of measure and tolerance.

About us

Located in Boston's Innovation District, True Engineering Technology was founded in 2008 by Allen Razdow,  inventor of Mathcad, the most widely-used math modeling application.  



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