Hidden in databases, massaged in spreadsheets or processed in program code, data is in so many places and forms that it's hard to keep a handle on it.  Truenumbers® is a radically new way to do data with one, natural and universal representation that drives everything else - storage, code, documents, GUIs and spreadsheets. So you always have a clear picture of data and what it means.  It's a game changer for every industry, proven to boost productivity, traceability, data quality and security. 

Truenumbers can be used directly from MS-Office, or developers can build even the largest systems with it on top of any stack they choose.  Truenumbers has already helped Government and Fortune 500 firms develop military sensor-based systems, track aircraft maintenance data, and make critical spreadsheets trustworthy.  Contact us to see how Truenumbers can apply to you.

For spreadsheet users


Truenumbers lets users build enterprise-grade systems on their own by adding traceability, security, consistency and governance to MS-Office.  Risk and worry disappear, and spreadsheet data becomes the best managed in the enterprise. Easy to install and  learn, Truenumbers office integration can begin improving data quality, productivity and security almost immediately.  

"Any IT executive whose company uses spreadsheets prolifically should be looking at Truenumbers -- any industry — including education, financial services, government, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, retail, and so on — can benefit from it.
      -Marc Halpern (Gartner, "Cool Vendors 2014")


For system developers

Truenumbers provides a set of services for creating, and working with data as a collection of truenumbers - self-describing facts that can be kept in a variety of databases, and embedded in programming languages and documents.   A truenumber is based on the concept of measurement, represented in a structured natural language.  This avoids the need for domain-specific schemas or data models, making systems easier to build, and able to adapt to new kinds of data without schema changes forcing updates to entire systems.