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Spreadsheets as solid and traceable as any enterprise system of record.

Spreadsheets better than back office systems

Every enterprise needs reliable systems of record for its data, but spreadsheets, documents and emails are where information actually gets used, communicated, and even audited. Why? Because the desktop is where we live and work.

Unfortunately, we all know how hard it can be to keep track of spreadsheets, what the numbers mean or where they came from, so we always feel a little uneasy... like maybe our workhorse spreadsheets ought to get replaced by "something better". Of course, by the time that happens (does it ever?), the business has changed and so have our spreadsheets, so we're right back to feeling uneasy instead of taking pride in our business agility.

Enter Truenumbers* -- a new kind of information technology that lets spreadsheets, documents and desktop applications be more reliable and traceable than any system of record can be. Breaking the tradeoff means less dependence on expensive and rigid custom systems, while your business benefits from relevant user-created solutions without the usual risks of poor governance. Truenumbers gives power to the business side in a way that I.T. can love.



Knowing the pedigree of information involved in financial models and transactions is essential. Truenumbers lets data in spreadsheets and email be fully acounted for, searchable and alwas traceable to their source and context. Spreadsheets plus Truenumbers are all you need for agility, compliance and auditablility.


Engineering is all about numbers. Finding them, copying them into Excel or Word. Converting from one unit to another, putting them in a calculator. Truenumbers never loses track of them and lets you be compliant and traceable while creating re-useable data and methods, as a matter of course.


Truenumbers can manage process data, job costing, capture requirements and specifications and tighten communication with vendors. A new kind of manufacturing data warehouse for critical data that wasn't easily managed in the past. Risk reduction and better productivity from day one.

Healthcare/Life Science

Once patient data leaves the EHR system, privacy and safety are at risk, but not with truenumbers. Bioinformatics is a fit for truenumbers too, always traceable and archival reducing the need for new systems to be developed.

How truenumbers change the game

* MS-Office, Excel and Word ® Microsoft Corp. Truenumbers, numberflow and numberspace ® of True Engineering Technology, LLC

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