Data in motion.

What your team is using for planning, to make decisions and turn on a dime. Truenumbers® is the only technology built to maintain traceability of management information outside the database, in spreadsheets, documents, everywhere it moves.

Data of, by and for the people

Keeping corporate data safe has always meant locking it up in I.T. databases for access only through canned application software.

But people just don't work that way.  Management information is used, shared and reported outside corporate systems of record in spreadsheets, documents and email.  But how can you trust data roaming around in an unstructured world?

Truenumbers is a new kind of data management framework that gives the user community control of the numbers and facts they work with every day right down to the digits in spreadsheet cells. Truenumbers matches the way people think and talk about data, yet is more traceable, archival and auditable than data locked in back-office databases can ever be.  


Score one for innovation

Most companies want to stay ahead of the trends transforming technology today like big data, cloud and consumerization of I.T. but this usually means a big leap in dollars, risk and opportunity cost.

Truenumbers is based on cloud and big data paradigms but delivers benefits directly to end users and the enterprise day one and at relatively low cost.  The "killer app" for the new I.T.

Tight integration with MS-Office leverages what people already know making Truenumbers the easiest way to be a leader in I.T. innovation, creating real value with virtually zero risk of failure.

Big data: not just about big

Big data began with the huge volumes of click-streams and user-generated information within new media like Twitter, Facebook and Google. Novel platforms had to be built not just for scale, but because storing, dynamically tagging and analyzing everything from movies to financial data on the fly just doesn't fit the relational model of data management . But on the enterprise side, we're using it for mining terabytes of collected unstructured documents in hopes of learning something about what those documents mean. That's great, but until our working document platforms become more directly meaningful and self-describing, the way web data is enterprises can't realize the promise of big data. Truenumbers addresses the "supply side" of big data by making the numbers and facts people create, change and reference in their documents, spreadsheets and emails as self-describing and meaningful as the web data that started it all. So rather than hoping that rocket-science analytics will figure it out.

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