Revolutionizing data management

Truenumbers is revolutionizing data management, from big data down to the desktop. By fusing meaning, context and integrity to data, the biggest data issues all organizations face today – uncertainty and lack of traceability – have finally been solved.

While desktop applications are powerful tools, there’s always uncertainty about where the data comes from or what it means. The result: scattered data across the enterprise, ungoverned and un-captured. Because Truenumbers provides context on where data comes from wherever you find it – along with the tags needed to understand, trace and manage it – unverified data is eliminated. Best of all, data is instantly saved to the cloud instead of living only in desktop spreadsheets.

Truenumbers is also ideal for transforming back-end systems and managing rapidly changing, large data sets as it can combine data from hundreds of disparate sources into a traceable central repository and reliable enterprise system of record. It’s a cloud-based system that delivers instant access to the latest, verified data making governance at a glance a reality.